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After many interesting corporate years involving weekly commuting to Stavanger and Oslo, it was time to make a leap and come back home for real. The initial plan was to find another job. Much to my own surprise, I found myself establishing my own company.

I realised I had a unique combination of skills and experience that maybe not one single company in Trondheim would need fulltime in-house, but many organisations across Europe, or even beyond, could benefit from on a consultancy basis.

I enjoy the 100 % freedom and the 100 % responsibility that running my own business entails. And I get to do what I do best. All the time. As a one-person company, I can offer my clients maximum flexibility; for larger projects, I can draw on extra capacity and specialised competence from hand-picked partners.

marleen_icon_png Marleen

I am a global tree, thriving in all weather conditions: Belgian roots, Norwegian trunk, branches stretching out over Europe, twigs reaching out to the world, leaves tickling new places.

I am a multilingual philologist with more than twenty years’ experience as a communication manager in the oil industry. I now run my own business as a copywriter, presentation coach, public speaker and leader of workshops and seminars. I am part of a media response team, assisting companies with strategic communication in times of crisis.

I blog about foreign language acquisition and cultural differences. I am an experienced TEDx speaker coach and I recently received the «Communicator of the Year Award» from Translators without Borders, a global organisation where I volunteer as a storyteller. I am also a TED translator and subtitler.

Last April, I held a 90-minute lecture in Sicily, in Italian, without reading from a manuscript, after only 12 weeks of Italian studies, and I had the time of my life on stage. Foolhardiness? Genius? Black magic? Try determination, attitude, a bold take on using basic foreign language skills, avoiding a couple of common mistakes, and merry interaction with a charming audience – all of which I can teach you.

Not so many years ago, I would have preferred measles, chickenpox, a fistful of kidney stones and a couple of broken ribs, all at once, to any form of public speaking. In any language. On any topic. To any kind of audience.

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Speak to the heart

Speak to the heart 1

“Speak to the heart” is the title of my TEDx talk, based on wise words from Nelson Mandela: If you really want to connect with people, you have to speak their language.

“Speak to the heart” is at the core of all communication services I provide. Good communication is not about reaching out to people’s brains only. The heart is where you really touch your listener.

Speak to the heart – of your audience: When you give a presentation, you will touch hearts through storytelling and by interacting with your spectators, not with dry facts and figures. And yes, also boards of directors and investors have a heart.

Speak to the heart – of recruiters: You will not land a job by reciting your CV in an interview. Telling a compelling little story that shows the essence of who you are may touch a recruiter’s heart and give you the decisive advantage over your competitors.

Speak to the heart – of potential customers: It is not product specifications that sell dishwashers – it is the story of how it will make people’s lives better.

Speak to the heart – tickle it, punch it, challenge it, inspire it, nudge it a bit, and then soothe and fondle it. It will trust you. It will love you.


Selskapets verdier

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  • Misforståelser ligger til grunn for elleville komedier. Tydelig kommunikasjon ligger til grunn for effektiv, verdiskapende forretning.
  • All bedriftskommunikasjon bør være forankret i selskapets strategi.
  • Si det du gjør ved å gjøre det du sier.
  • Livet som flerspråklig er interessant, spennende og uhyre morsomt.

guaranteed tailormade_icon_pngSkreddersøm

  • Laschet Kommunikasjon tilbyr skreddersydde tjenester. Du får det som er relevant og nyttig for deg.

CSR_icon_pngSamfunnsansvar (CSR)

  • Kunnskap er makt. For millioner av mennesker er språk den eneste barrieren til kunnskap. Misjonen til «Oversettere uten grenser» (TWB) er å øke tilgang til kunnskap gjennom humanitære oversettelser med fokus på helse, ernæring og undervisning. Oversettere har allerede donert over 25 millioner oversatte ord.
  • Marleen avsetter litt av sin tid til å jobbe som frivillig historieforteller og LinkedIn-redaktør for TWB.
  • Laschet Kommunikasjon strever etter å bli offisiell sponsor for Oversettere uten grenser før utgangen av 2015. En del av selskapets inntekter øremerkes til dette formålet.