The Fireplace Workshops

Powerful presentations and storytelling are crucial tools in strategic communication. Their effect should never be underestimated.
Since time immemorial, people have told each other stories. It’s what we do, as soon as we get a chance – except in meeting rooms, board rooms, job interviews and annual reports, where dry facts, statistics and PowerPoint slides loaded with text still rule.

Our goal is to prepare powerful presentations we look forward to performing and our audience will never forget.

The Fireplace Workshops is a series of gatherings organised by Laschet Kommunikasjon. We meet in a personal setting and discuss topics related to presentations, storytelling and public speaking. True to Laschet Kommunikasjon’s core values, “seriously playful” individual and group exercises turn the meetings into creative communication events.

The scene will vary according to season and weather.
Kick-off will take place around the fireplace of Laschet Kommunikasjon headquarters in Trondheim on 23 February at 6 pm.

Each workshop will concentrate on a different aspect of presentations and storytelling, but they will be independent units.

The Fireplace Workshops in Trondheim will be held alternately in Norwegian and English, depending on the participants’ needs and wishes. Max number of participants = 8.

Later this year, the Fireplace Workshops will go on tour, starting in Oslo and Aberdeen.

Groups can book a private event, which will be tailored to the group’s wishes.

Do you work for an international company and need to practise holding presentations or giving speeches in another language? The workshop can also be held in German, Dutch, French or Italian.

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march, 2023

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