In the last decades, foreign language learning has been downgraded in many European countries. There seems to be a general feeling that English is sufficient as a global lingua franca. In many ways it is. But is «sufficient» good enough? We should take a closer look at the benefits of multi-lingualism.

There are many good reasons for learning languages. Language skills give you a competitive advantage in job applications, whatever your profession, and enhance your communication skills – even in your mother tongue.

I have near lifelong experience with foreign language acquisition. I can tell you why life as a multi-linguist is richer, more interesting, and definitely more fun.

I give talks clean of statistics and graphics. It is not about cold facts and figures – it is about good stories and experiences. My talks are interactive: I challenge my audience to participate. Together we explore answers to questions about what, how, why, where, when and with whom. We break down barriers and bust a few myths.

Language is much more than vocabulary and grammar. Body language, mimicry, voice and cultural understanding are natural aspects of my talks. I will speak about anything language-related you will let me.

Every age group, whatever profession or cultural background, benefits from language learning. I will happily talk with all of them – whether small groups or large conventions.

I can do talks in several languages – preferably one at a time.guaranteed tailormade_icon_png

Liceo linguistico di Cefalù

22 April 2015

If I’m going to motivate people to learn languages and to courageously use them whenever they have the opportunity, I might as well set a good example and do my first talk in a language that I started learning as a holiday hobby less than three years ago. My Italian grammar is wobbly and pace-wise I stand no chance of keeping up with Sicilians. However, my extraordinary audience put me at ease from the start. What was originally planned as a 45-minute session turned into a 90-minute energising interaction with lots of interesting input and good stories. Thanks, 4B, this was great fun!

Small Steps Giant Leaps: TEDx Trondheim

Byscenen, 31 May 2015


I had the honour of hosting the TEDx Trondheim event. It was a pleasure to present many great speakers! For more information on TEDx Trondheim, click here.

Making waves

Byscenen, 15 November 2015

Marleen on stage blog

I was thrilled to give my own TEDx talk “Speak to the heart”, which is translated and subtitled into 25 languages. For subtitles, click “settings” below right on the YouTube video and the language menu will appear.