Presentation coaching

Is a presentation something you look forward to holding, or something you look forward to getting done with?

It is your story, and you have to tell it in your own, personal way. We can help you find your unique presentation style, so that you become the best edition of yourself – in your mother tongue or in a foreign language.

The concept is practical and concrete. We identify your strengths and challenges and get exercising. It is about storytelling, sensible use of tools like PowerPoint and quotes, about body language, voice and wording. We help you adapt your presentation to your audience. Our coaching sessions lead to lasting transfer of competence.

The aim: presentations you look forward to performing and your audience looks forward to experiencing.

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Memorable Presentations Masterclass

This is Laschet Kommunikasjon’s signature course. This is not a course in presentation technique, it is far more. The Memorable Presentations Masterclass is a very intensive (only 6 participants) 2-day workshop which will change your mindset on presentations. You will learn to create presentations based on TED principles and with storytelling as the backbone.

The intention is not to teach you to follow standard techniques, but to help you develop your unique personal style, using all tools available, like PowerPoint, to serve you and to support your presentations.

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One-on-one presentation coaching

I offer individual presentation coaching. Whether you want advice on a particular presentation or talk you are about to give, or you struggle creating a good story, you are uncertain about your wording or your slides, …Whatever it is, wherever you are, I am just a Skype-call away, ready to help you speak to others’ hearts.

Drop me a line on with subject “one-on-one”.