Text and language services



You have many thoughts, facts and messages to communicate on several platforms, but you are busy running your company and cannot find the time to phrase them optimally?

Send us your thoughts, we will deliver the texts.guaranteed tailormade_icon_png

We write in your voice, according to your identity, anchored in your business strategy.



You have texts that need some editing and proofreading so that your message comes across clearly?

What is the use of “language laundering” when it leaves the text shirt wrinkled, shapeless, too long and not in style with your identity?

We offer laundering and ironing, and do some serious shrinking in the process. No bleaching, no starching.

“Concise” is the keyword – a good old notion which seems to have gone a bit out of fashion. It is on its way back in.guaranteed-tailormade_icon_png

 Language learning guidance

You are a teacher, or you run a language school, or you organise language holidays and you are looking for ideas to offer your course participants a fresh and appealing, varied programme which will keep up their motivation and enthusiasm?

You are an eager autodidact and you are a bit stuck? It is an exciting road to take, but at times it can be challenging and lonely.

You are a manager and you want to offer your foreign employees a language course so that they can integrate and communicate better? Or you want to offer language tuition to employees who communicate with your branches or customers abroad? Or you see the value in learning the language of your main foreign stakeholders yourself? You need a programme that will efficiently generate results.

Many roads lead to Rome. The highway is the fastest, though maybe at times a bit dull. Other roads may be steep and winding but beautiful and exciting, with a bench here and there for a break to enjoy the spectacular view. There are lonely, sandy, narrow paths and lively cobbled alleys. I have strolled, walked, jogged, biked, driven and hitchhiked most of them.

Which road and which means of transport best suits your needs, and the best pace at which to travel, depends on many factors. I can be your
sparring partner. I will be happy to share my knowledge, experience
and opinions and help you find the perfect road for your exciting language trip.guaranteed-tailormade_icon_png