newspaper_icon_png  International media monitoring

Every organisation with foreign stakeholders benefits from knowing what is going on in relevant regions.

Sometimes it is not enough to follow the media in your own country. There may be occasions when you want a broader, more nuanced overview or a deeper understanding – be it in a certain period, a specific situation or after an incident.

My linguistic skills and broad intercultural understanding and experience allow me direct, unfiltered access to many foreign media and other primary sources. I can follow debates, crises, or whatever you may want more information about.

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  Intercultural workshops

Respect and tolerance for other cultures are important values that we take for granted, but they do not necessarily lead to proximity and better understanding. It is possible to be tolerant and have respect from a distance.

If you really want your employees from different cultural backgrounds and your stakeholders abroad to communicate better, you need to create curiosity and genuine interest and engagement. Lectures may not do the trick.

I lead intensive, involving workshops and activities. I develop unconventional solutions which make everybody really feel the cultural differences – wrapped in fun games and exercises. Big events, small actions, and everything in between.

This way, interculturality becomes an expedition. With lots of positive energy and lasting effect.